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Summer Camp! is here for kids in Torrance Redondo Beach Palos Verdes and the other south bay cities

Now that summer break is just around the corner, you're probably rushing to find a safe, fun, and affordable summer camp for your children. Enrolling your children in a summer program will allow you to relax for a few hours each day while they have the time of their lives. Don't worry; I got you.

The solution: Techakids.

South Bay parents in the cities of Torrance, Redondo Beach, Palos Verdes, and surrounding communities send their elementary and middle school-age children to Techakids, a nonprofit educational foundation based in South Torrance, for their 9th annual summer camp.

Tecakids is bringing robotics, announced at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show, to summer camp this year in quadrupled AI-connected robots and humanoid robotics. Of course, they still have the Minecraft modding. and a new platform with Roblox VR, introduced late last year on the VR platform Meta Quest 3; and The most popular camp Battle bots with AI

Your children will not be stuck at a computer all day; the goal is for them to also have outdoor fun, play games, and socialize with other campers. These are the same friends your child might see in middle school, high school, and college.

Techakids is a community-driven program dedicated to empowering and inspiring our South Bay children to discover technology and learn life-long skills of teamwork and cooperation.

Techakids’ primary focus is on computer science and technology-related skills, helping to teach and inspire the next generation of enthusiasts, engineers, and tech entrepreneurs. For more information, please visit website


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