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About Us

Toni Blackmon 
Co-Founder, Techakids
Ryan Gagajena 
Co-Founder, Techakids

What is Techakids :

Techakids is a nonprofit organization helping our children with STEAM(science,technology,engineering,art,mathematics)


“STEAM is not just taught--it is experienced”

I feel the greater South Bay has the most diverse, intelligent children in all the world! It is a shining example of understanding and cooperation between various ethnicities, cultures, and races. We believe our next greatest inspiration to humanity will come from the greater South Bay.  Techakids is here to facilitate that happening.

The materials we use would be cost-prohibitive for many for-profit organizations and national franchise after school enrichment organizations.  We use the latest technology in many of our classes. Also, programming microcontrollers with C++, understanding of the Internet of Things, building artificial intelligent devices, virtual and augmented reality, 3D modeling and printing, mobile app design, mobile game design, and drone programming with Python. These are the technologies of our children's future and what they will experience today at Techakids.

Techakids is about giving our children the highest possible quality in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics) course instruction. Our curriculum mirrors the top universities including Stanford, Berkeley and MIT.  We pride ourselves in challenging our kids 2 to 3 grade levels above their primary grade and expose them to high school and college level material. We are creating a Makerspace so our children can explore and let their imaginations run wild with the technology at their disposal, and computer programming as their tools. To maximize their learning potential we have voluntary homework assignments, practice drills, and virtual classrooms with a live stream.  This is how our children will learn in the future. Let's get them started today!

All children are scientists in one form or another they are inquisitive and experimental by nature.  Techakids gives children the fundamental disciplines on many subjects dealing with emerging technology including coding in various computer coding languages such as Python, which is one of the language behind Google, (one of the fastest-growing computer languages in the world).  Our children need to know this language for jobs of the future. Please come join us in the construction of your child's future!

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