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Roblox | MineCraft summer Camp
Torrance Redondo South Bay

Techakids and the Greater South Bay STEM Foundation have been part of the South Bay community for over a decade. Providing after-school enrichment and summer camps focused on science, technology, engineering, art, and math  STEAM  in the Torrance Unified School District and Redondo. This is not just another camp location to me or part of a global coding franchise; it is where my son and six of his friends at the time attended Hickory, Arnold, and Seaside Elementary School in Torrance and wanted to code and play Minecraft over the summer ten years ago. This camp was started for all of my South Bay neighbors' children to give them the best quality STEAM experience with the latest technology, with profit removed from the equation. We proudly serve over 5,000 of our South Bay neighbors' children, ensuring they receive the highest quality STEAM education.

What makes Techakids Roblox | MineCraft camps different? 

roblox 2 _edited.jpg

At Techakids, it's about providing a futuristic learning environment that prepares campers for the next generation of digital creativity and collaboration. Using our gaming rigs and  Meta Quest VR headsets elevates your children's Roblox experience, offering campers a unique opportunity to learn, create, and grow in ways that other Roblox | MineCraft camps cannot match.


Our Roblox | MineCraft game development classes, led by College engineering undergraduates and avid gamers, ensure your child learns from passionate, knowledgeable instructors. They’ll not only improve their technical skills but also gain invaluable soft skills through teamwork and problem-solving.



New Roblox VR

Vivid and Immersive Worlds:
The superior graphics capabilities of our gaming laptops rigs bring Roblox | MineCraft worlds to life with stunning clarity and detail. This visual enhancement makes the game more immersive, allowing campers to experience the thrill of their creations and adventures in a vivid, colorful environment that feels closer to reality.

Immersive Learning and Gameplay:
The Meta Quest VR headsets provide a fully immersive 3D environment that takes Roblox gameplay to a whole new level. By experiencing the latest in VR technology, campers gain exposure to advanced tech that is not available at other camps. This immersive experience not only makes gaming more engaging and exciting but also deepens the campers’ understanding of spatial awareness, design, and architecture within a virtual space.


MineCraft modding


Become a Minecraft Mod Master:

 Dive deep into the world of Minecraft and learn how to tweak and twist it to your will. Our Campers will explore the fundamentals of Minecraft modding and programming, turning them from players into creators.


Craft and Code:

 Our campers will  code by creating their own items like unique blocks, innovative tools, and the coolest mods you've ever seen!

Why your kids love Roblox 

Roblox is an online platform that allows your children to play, create, and interact with a multitude of 3D experiences crafted by a vast community. Here's a breakdown of what Roblox is:

User-Generated Content:
At its core, Roblox is a creative space where your child can unleash their imagination and design their own games and experiences using the Roblox Studio, a powerful development tool. This means every game you play on Roblox is a product of your child's creativity!


Diverse Gameplay:
The platform is known for its diverse array of games, ranging from simple obstacle courses to complex simulations. Whether you want to run a virtual business or fly planes, there's something for everyone.


Virtual reality platform:
A new virtual reality headset platform was introduced late last year. Roblox is slowly becoming one of the most immersive games ever created.

In essence, Roblox is a virtual universe that empowers your children to be gamers and creators, fostering a vibrant community where imagination is the only limit.

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