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Techakids offers online Robotics and coding classes for children in Torrance and surrounding commun

The coronavirus has hit everyone hard. We were concerned with the lack of ability to Deliver enrichment classes to our children in the community. Then we said, “Hey wait a minute, we embrace technology everyday at Techakids.” Within a few days, we converted most of our traditional learning modules to online stem classes. Techakids currently has three online learning campus portals that are self-paced and customized. Children can explore at their own pace with limited parent involvement. This gives children a sense of independence.

Parents, Techakids did not forget about you, we know that Google Classroom and distant learning can be a bit intimidating. We have online instructions on how to use and implement Google Classroom and Google Meet. We also offer live sessions where children can meet with friends and instructors to discuss any questions or concerns. In addition, Techakids offers private live streaming channels and studios that deliver educational content and entertainment.

Techakids provide online classes in coding, virtual robotics, animation, game design, and physical computing with virtual boards and circuits. This is a part of our flipped classroom and distance learning concept. We hope, like everyone, our children will return to a normal schedule. However, we must keep them safe. Therefore, we will continue to work extremely hard to deliver a wonderful learning experience for children online.

About Techakids:

Techakids is a community-driven nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering and inspiring our South Bay children to discover technology and learn life-long skills of teamwork and cooperation .

Techakids’ main focus is on computer science and technology-related skills, helping to teach, and inspire the next generation of enthusiasts, engineers, and tech entrepreneurs. For more information, please visit Techakids' website


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