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Techakids After School STEM Classes for  2019-2020

I hope everyone is having a great summer and now excited for a new school year!

Feels like summer is moving faster this year. Maybe it’s due to the early start of the school year August 26th.

First of all, we would like to thank each and everyone of you who has participated in our after school classes and summer camps. It was such a joy to get to know such bright curious kids. We had lots of fun on their journey in learning more about technology, computer coding, robotics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and Minecraft modding .

Second, we are pleased to announce that we are again offering our Techakids’ STEM Enrichment Programs this school year with the help and support of the Torrance Unified School District.


Our flagship class this year: Robotics with artificial intelligence.

We will dive into the world of intelligent robots. These (Robomaster) robots are the most advanced educational robot. They are popular in China are extremely quick and agile. Capabilities include facial-recognition, gesture recognition,tracking,recognition of signs, letters and objects. Students will learn to code their bots in Python and or Scratch programming languages for battle and Robomaster challenges.

Other classes this year include:

  • Robotic engineering

  • Fundamental of Coding and programming smart robots and drones

  • Artificial intelligence(A.I)

  • Coding and physical computing in Python

  • physical computing and Programming Microcontroller with MicroPython

  • Virtual and Augmented reality

  • 3D modeling and Printing

We are excited to teach our young students STEM classes that are educational, innovative and most importantly, the kids will enjoy.

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