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Hello Parents and Techakids!

First, we would like to thank you for joining us for the next 8 weeks as we are very excited to start you and your child on a  journey in the world of technology. Our philosophy is to empower, educate and inspire each and everyone of our students through the variety of computer science and technology related topics we will be learning while having fun with their friends and family.

Here are some items we would like for you to know before going to our first class.

  • We will meet at your child's school right after dismissal. Check with us on the designated classroom.


  • Parents need to fill in the following online ( click on the links below )

Ryan Gagajena
Techakids Instructor & Co-Founder
Hickory Elementary Parent
Madrona Middle School Parent

  • We will provide laptops and all other class related items.

  • We start at 3:20pm. The students can report to our location as soon as school is dismissed. We will have homework so they can work on their projects as soon as they arrive. Note that Wednesday are usually early dismissal so we will start at 2:20pm and end at 3:20pm .

  • Prompt pickup is at 4:20pm ( Wednesday pick up at 3:20pm ). For late pickups, please call us and let us know ahead of time. We will never leave your kid behind but please be considerate in pick up time.


  • Kids can bring their snacks but are not allowed to eat near our computers, inside the classroom or work area. We all know kids are hungry right after school. Please bring healthy snacks. No sharing food between kids.


  • Parents are welcome to participate and help their child if needed. We highly encourage you to work with you child at home with the projects we will assign to them. Since we will have various degrees of experience for each child, we will need to make sure that each student gets the most of their time  in class.


  • If your child misses a class, please let us know ahead of time and we can email our lesson plan, work with them more during their next class or visit another one of our locations.


  • Lastly, due to the amount of children signed in, time allocated for each subject and the nature of our classes, please make sure your child is ready to participate and behave accordingly. Student that may distract other students or the class may be asked to not participate for that day.


Please keep these contact information for any questions:

Required Forms

Please Fill Out

Toni Blackmon
Techakids Instructor & Co-Founder
Madrona Middle School Parent

Toni Blackmon : 310-508-2555 ( cell )  ( ) / Co-Founder

Ryan Gagajena : 213-268-0918 ( cell )  ( )  / Co-Founder

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