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3D Animation, Video Animation, Graphic Design

FALL 2016

Techakids offers our young students an introductory course in 3D Animation using the industry standard MAYA by Autodesk. This course will give step by step instructions leading to a final project for students to publish their work on Youtube. Software license with our in-house computers will be provided.


Does your child know Maya 3D already? This same class will also cater to more advanced students as well with more in-depth exercises and projects.

  • Introducing 3D animation and Maya.

  • Interface And basic controlling.

  • Character design in Photoshop Basic modeling with polygon object (Minecraft character)

  • Creating Stage with Shading, texturing and lighting

  • Basic animation for character and camera

  • Rendering and basic editing with After effect and Premiere.

  • Final rendering for 3D animation and uploading to Youtube.

Our students will learn 3d animation just like they see in the movies!

Our students will learn cartoon animation and story boarding just like they see in the tv !

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