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Are you a Roblox fanatic? Would you like to learn to develop games you and your friends can play? In this Roblox Winter Fun  Camp, your imagination is limitless: You can learn to build the ultimate theme park, compete as a racecar driver, be the star of a fashion show, or design your own dream home so you can chill with your friends. Download and play on a smartphone, tablet. Next, you will jump into the world of Roblox Studios, here you will design and code your own games learn how to use and create your own levels, environments, and worlds  

Students will learn:

  • Work together as a team

  • Develop design skills

  • Build their own game in Roblox  gaming engine

  • Learn to prototype

  • Learn the basics of scripting using the Lua programming language.

  • Create a full game experience in virtual reality  you and your friends will enjoy  





5 Session - 1.5 Hours / Session


December 20th thru December 24th, 2021


Monday - Friday   : 10:00am - 11:30am


Age Groups :

2nd to 5th Grades ( Elementary School ) 

6th to 9th Grades ( Middle School ) 



Online Course Requirements:
-Mac or Windows PC only
-Roblox and Roblox Studio installed

-Headphones with mic
-Stable internet connection with access to Google meet Video Conferencing

Roblox Game Coding 3D Dec. 20th to Dec.24th 2021 (Virtual camp)

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