Tuesdays : 3:30-4:30 pm

DATES: September  29  2020 ( 7 week session)

Online virtual class with hands-on project mail to home

Class materials (included with class)



We will introduce students to the world of physical computing and artificial intelligence

We will build practical, hands-on electronics projects using a tiny handheld computer

Students will learn:


  •     About algorithms
  •     How to use inputs and outputs
  •     How  circuits  work
  •     How to write programs
  •     About artificial intelligence machine learning models
  •     How to train a computer to recognizes images and sounds



Age Groups :

1st to 5th Grades ( Elementary School ) 

6th to 8th Grades ( Middle School ) 

Online Course Requirements:

-Mac or Windows PC only


-Headphones with mic

-Stable internet connection with access to Google meet Video Conferencing

BBC Micro:bit (included with class)

Fall 2020.Physical Computing and Artificial intelligence

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