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Artificial Intelligence(A.I)Victory Elementary Fall 2018


Starts Mondays October 1, 2018 ( 6 weeks ) ( 1 hour / week )


Time : 3:20p - 4:20pm 



Have you ever wondered how Alexa or Siri recognizes your voice, or how Facebook is able to automatically recognize your friends in pictures? The answer is Artificial Intelligence (AI), or also known as Machine Learning!  In these classes, students will learn about how machine learning techniques such as artificial neural networks learn from data to answer real world questions.


Students will learn:

  • Explain what machine learning is and how it is different from traditional programming
  • Use a Python machine learning library to implement and test simple machine learning techniques
  • Build a google assistant enabled device to connect to googles AI cloud network.
  • Various aspect of a Python programming language

  • Logic and flow control of python

  • Algorithmic Sequences

  • Loops, If-Else Conditions and Variables

  • Python code Library and how to use them



Victor Elementary Artificial Intelligence (A.I) 6 weeks only