Alexa and Smart Device ProgrammingVictor (A.I) 6 weeks onl
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Alexa Programming and Building Smart Devices Winter 2019


Starts Mondays January 28 2019 ( 6 weeks ) ( 1 hour / week )


Time : 3:20p - 4:20pm 



Have you ever wondered how Alexa can cut on lights in your home with your voice  , the answer is Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Smart Devices. In these classes, students will learn  how to program voice interface like Alexa.student will design and build smart devices

to carry out voice commands though Alexa.


Students will learn:

  • Explain and Design a internet of Things Devices”Smart Devices”

  • Use Amazon web Services Api library to implement and Create skills (apps for Alexa) to launch model rockets and other tasks

  • Build a Amazon Alexa enabled device to connect to Amazon Web Services cloud network.

  • Connect devices  to IBM Watson A.I

  • Various aspect of a Python programming language

  • Logic and flow control of python

  • Algorithmic Sequences

  • Loops, If-Else Conditions, and Variables

  • Python code Library and how to use them

                Students will take home a rocket!!

Victor - Alexa and Smart Device Programming (A.I) 6 weeks